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Cancer Connection

Chill Out Food Truck & Cancer Connection

One Local Organization, Supporting the Good Works of Another

The Chill Out Food Truck is much more than a business.  It's about builidng a business that allows us to live out our values – to give back to the community that we call home, and to support those organizations that are important to us. For our charitable partner, Chill Out has chosen to work with Cancer Connection, a Northampton-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating a warm, caring environment where vitality and good times are emphasized, rather than isolation and illness. Cancer Connection offers a haven for people with cancer, their families, friends and caregivers. Cancer Connection offers coping strategies, referrals and resources – all 100% free of charge – to help people in our communities navigate their changed lives and bodies, and the emotional turmoil created by a cancer diagnosis and course of treatment.

This year, Chill Out pledges to donate 10% of our 2017 profits to Cancer Connection. Why are we doing this? Because we have experienced first-hand the affect of cancer, and we want to help ensure that other families have the support and access to resources that can make a huge difference during challenging times.


In memory of Maria Molina and Roberto Saldana.